If your home has a basement or crawl space, there’s a good chance that it also has a sump pump. Essentially, a sump pump works by pumping water out of the lowest part of the home to help avoid flooding. These devices are designed to work automatically, so you can keep your basement dry in the event of an unexpected, heavy rainstorm. However, sump pumps aren’t immune to malfunctions and breakdowns.

When a sump pump fails, homeowners can find it challenging to know where to look first. So, what are the most common sump pump problems? Let’s discuss them below.

Sump Pump Clogs

It’s crucial to keep your sump pump covered with a lid. The sump pit or discharge lines can fill up with debris and become clogged if you don’t. These clogs should never be taken lightly, as they are often one of the main causes of sump pump failure and can lead to a flooded basement — and of course, water damage.

When learning what the most common sump pump problems are, it’s crucial to understand that maintenance is often the key to avoiding these issues. Remember to maintain your pump regularly to avoid having a sump pump clogged with sediment, among other issues.

An Overwhelmed Sump Pump

Some regions are more prone to heavy rainfall. If you live in an area with frequent storms, you might need to upgrade your pump. When sump pumps encounter heavy rains, they will have to work frequently to tackle a large volume of water in a short period. It’s worth noting that some sump pumps aren’t equipped to handle constant, heavy influxes of water, leading to them becoming overwhelmed and overworked. As a result, your sump pump can fail.

If it seems like your sump pump runs every ten seconds, this could also be due to a damaged check valve. No matter the reason, it’s best to schedule sump pump repair with a Bloomington, IL plumber before your sump pump becomes overwhelmed and breaks down.

Faulty Float Switches

When discussing what the most common sump pump problems are, it’s vital to mention float switches. If your sump pump never turns off — or worse, never turns on — then you’ll want to check the float switch.

These switches play an important role in the function of your pump. However, it can become stuck or malfunction, making it impossible for your pump to work properly. Overall, installing a cheaper sump pump and a lack of maintenance can lead to switch problems.

An Improper Installation

Installing a sump pump is no easy task. Although you may feel tempted to install one yourself, it’s best to hire a professional for the job. In fact, improper installation is one of the leading causes of sump pump failure.

An expert will size the sump pump to fit your requirements during the installation. Additionally, the installer will ensure that the drainage system is installed correctly; if it’s not, the water won’t divert properly.

A Power Outage

Sump pumps are often a lifesaver in the event of a storm. However, if your home loses power, your pump will lose power, too.

When discussing what the most common sump pump problems are, you might not immediately think to consider a power outage. Unfortunately, this is one of the top causes of sump pump failures — and can cause unwanted water damage to your home. If you encounter frequent power outages, you can install a backup sump pump. This backup device will work if your primary pump is unable to function.

Contact Mike Williams for Your Sump Pump Needs

Now that you know what the most common sump pump problems are, you can better determine if you need a repair or replacement. Nonetheless, if your sump pump has stopped working, you might be unsure where to turn.

Mike Williams has performed professional sump pump services since 1975. We are familiar with the top causes of sump pump failure and can fix the problem accordingly. Better yet, sign up for our Peace of Mind Maintenance Plan! One of our team members will check your sump pump as part of your plumbing maintenance.

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