Water Heater Installation and Replacement in Springfield, Decatur, Champaign, and Bloomington, IL

Your home has many crucial systems — but your hot water heater might be one of the most important. Without this appliance, you wouldn’t receive hot water when you shower, clean dishes, or wash your hands. So when you need a water heater replacement, it’s vital that you work with a reliable team.

Since 1976, Mike Williams has helped homeowners throughout Springfield, Decatur, Champaign, Bloomington, and beyond get top-notch water heaters installed. So instead of searching the web for a “water heater installer in my area,” rest assured that our experts can meet and exceed your expectations.

Replacing your water heater before it fails will ensure there are no major problems down the road. As a result, you can avoid costly repairs and potential water damage to your home. If you’re worried about a potential failure, contact us today to schedule a hot water heater installation!

Signs That You Need a New Water Heater

It’s sometimes obvious that it’s time for a water heater replacement. However, if you’ve never had to replace your hot water heater, you might not know which signs to look out for.

Here are a few signs that can suggest you need a new water heater installation:

  • Leaking water pooling around the base of the water heater tank
  • Rust-colored water coming from faucets and showerheads
  • Strange noises, such as popping and rumbling, coming from the tank 
  • An insufficient supply of hot water
  • Higher energy bills than usual

If you need a water heater installation but don’t know where to start, our technicians are glad to help you find the best option for your home. We’ll answer your questions and walk you through the installation process. We understand that hot water is a critical part of everyday life, so your hot water heater replacement should be able to keep up with your needs. You can count on us to size your system according to your hot water demand and household size.


How Installing a New Water Heater Will Save You Money

Although a water heater installation might seem like a significant purchase, it can be a beneficial investment in the long run. For example, replacing an old water heater with a new, energy-efficient model can potentially help you save money on your utility bills. A highly-efficient water heater replacement will waste less energy while producing the hot water you need.

Another way a hot water heater installation can save money is by preventing water damage. Your water heater can experience regular wear and tear as it ages. This damage can lead to a serious leak in the tank, which can cost you a significant amount of money to repair.

When it comes to your water heater, you want peace of mind knowing that it will provide hot water when you need it. Fortunately, you can rest easy knowing that your hot water heater replacement will not only save you money in the long run — but keep you comfortable throughout the year.


Why should you choose Mike Williams?

  • 100% Guaranteed Service
  • Written warranties
  • Upfront per job pricing
  • Clean and tidy work
  • Emergency Services Available for both repair and installations

Consider joining our planned maintenance program. With membership, you’ll get the peace-of-mind of a properly maintained system backed by the team at Mike Williams.


  • Springfield City Light and Power: Springfield City Light and Power offers rebates of up to $800 toward the installation of electric or heat pump water heaters.
  • Decatur Utilities: Decatur Utilities offers rebates for up to $500 for the installation of a new tank or tankless gas fired water heater.

Trust Mike Williams for Your New Water Heater

If you notice signs of water heater failure, don’t hesitate to turn to Mike Williams. We offer professional services backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our technicians understand how frustrating water heater problems can be, which is why we act as quickly as possible to get water heaters installed in a timely manner.

We’re dedicated to supplying our customers with unbeatable customer service and dependable solutions. You can count on us to handle your water heater replacement with the utmost care. We’ll respect your home and arrive at the job with a smile. Plus, we work with only the best equipment to ensure you receive a stellar, long-lasting water heater installation for your home.

You can trust us to tackle all of your plumbing services, including water heater repair.

If you’ve been scouring the internet for a “water heater installer in my area,” long no further. We’re here to help you make an informed decision for your water heater replacement.

Don’t wait until your water heater fails completely – taking care of the issue now can save you time and money in the long run. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your next water heater installation!