Sump Pump Installation in Springfield, Decatur, Champaign, and Bloomington, IL

If your home has a basement, then you probably know that flooding is a very real possibility. No matter the time of year or the intensity of the storm, intrusive water can cause serious water damage and mold growth in your home, putting your comfort and safety at risk. Fortunately, a sump pump can protect your home from stormwater, snow melt, or groundwater seepage.

Mike Williams has been helping homeowners with sump pump maintenance services, repairs, and replacements since 1976. We have the experience to properly size, install, and repair your sump pump so that it perfectly fits your needs. Plus, we offer emergency sump pump repairs for when you need assistance on the spot.

When we service sump pumps, we do so with your satisfaction as a top priority. Our sump pump contractors are proud to go the extra mile to exceed your expectations. If it’s time for a sump pump replacement or repair, don’t wait any longer. Contact us today to learn more about our sump pump services!


There are several factors to consider for a sump pump replacement:

  • System Size: Each home has different sump pump installation needs. We have the expertise and knowledge to help you find the right-sized sump pump for your home.
  • Primary and Back-Up Pumps: We offer primary and back-up sump pumps for maximum protection in your home. Back-up pumps can keep your basement dry if your primary pump fails.
  • System Monitoring and Alarms: A monitoring system can notify you when water is rising in your sump and if there is a problem.


Reliable Sump Pump Professionals

When your submersible sump pump is working correctly, it’s easy to feel comfortable and safe in your home. However, when your sump pump is malfunctioning or broken, it’s important to recognize that it won’t be able to protect your home from floodwaters. You’ll need to schedule a sump pump repair to get the situation under control — and before disaster strikes.

So at the first sign of a problem, turn to our experts for sump pump services you can trust. Our professional team will quickly identify the problem to get the device operating smoothly once again. We also specialize in sump pump testing to keep your system running as it should. When it comes down to it, sump pump maintenance can help you stay ahead of problems and avoid costly services down the road.

If it’s time for a sump pump installation, it’s understandable if you’re worried. It’s crucial to find a company you can trust to handle your new sump pump. Fortunately, you have no reason to stress with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our sump pump installers ensure that the services they provide are never below your expectations.

Your First Choice for Sump Pump Emergencies

When a storm sits on the horizon, the last thing you want is for your sump pump to break down. Unfortunately, this worst-case scenario can happen if you neglect sump pump testing and maintenance. If your pump stops working as it should, rest assured that we offer emergency solutions to turn the situation around. Instead of panicking over potential flooding, feel at ease that we have your back.

Our reputable sump pump contractors will do whatever it takes to keep you safe, dry, and cozy the next time an unexpected rainstorm hits. Whether you need repairs or maintenance, know that our sump pump services are designed with your safety in mind. We’ll go above and beyond to get your sump pump replacement or repair done right — every time.

Why Call Mike Williams for Your Sump Pump Services?

If you have a basement, then you know that a submersible sump pump is an integral part of your home. That’s why your sump pump services should be handled with the utmost care and expertise. Luckily, the professional team you’re looking for is right here at Mike Williams. Our sump pump installers and repair experts offer same-day appointments and a price-lock guarantee for your peace of mind.

Are you looking for more than just a sump pump installation or repair? Our team of trained and skilled technicians knows how to perform a wide variety of plumbing services, including sewer line services.

If you need a new sump pump or want to repair your current device, trust our technicians to help. Contact us today to schedule your sump pump services!