Reputable Water Heater Replacements in Champaign, IL

At Mike Williams, we understand the importance of water heaters in our daily lives. If your system stops meeting your hot water needs, you need a replacement that will go above and beyond your expectations.

Since 1976, Mike Williams has offered a wide range of top-tier water heater services in Champaign, IL. We’re fully committed to supplying you with a solution that leaves you 100% satisfied. Is it time for a water heater replacement? Contact us to see what our selection of water heaters can do for you today!

Your Source for Water Heater Installations

Whether you’re cleaning the dishes, washing your hands, or taking a shower, hot water is an essential part of your routine. The last thing you want is to turn on the faucet only to find an endless stream of cold water. If your water heater is 10-12 years old and is starting to fail, call Mike Williams right away for a water heater installation.


We Offer Tankless Systems

We have a vast selection of water heaters for you to choose from, including energy-efficient tankless water heaters. These tankless systems provide endless hot water while helping you save money on your utility bills. Plus, these systems are safe, easy to maintain, and known to last a long time.

If you’re unsure which replacement option is right for you, we’ll help you find the most appropriate solution according to your needs. We’ll ensure you receive the best price and service for your water heater replacement.

Trustworthy Water Heater Maintenance

Our water heaters can experience considerable wear and tear over the course of a year. It’s vital that you schedule routine water heater maintenance for your system’s overall health. Plus, maintenance can help ensure your system runs as energy-efficiently as possible.

Whether you need a Champaign, IL, water heater repair or water pump replacement, you can count on Mike Williams for the job. Our licensed and insured technicians are always happy to help however they can. If you have any questions or concerns, we’ll be sure to address them. After all, we want our customers to feel comfortable and confident in their water heater services.

Turn to the Experts at Mike Williams!

When it comes to your water heater, installation, repair, and maintenance services should be handled with the utmost care. Mike Williams is proud to provide solutions that are respectful, dependable, and always of the highest quality. Our team has over 180 years of combined experience, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving some of the best services in the Champaign, IL, area.

We know that a water pump replacement can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you aren’t familiar with the water heaters that are available. Our team is here to supply you with a hassle-free solution no matter your needs.

Don’t wait another moment to book your water heater maintenance, repair, or replacement. The highly-skilled technicians at Mike Williams are ready to help with our same-day plumbing services. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment today!