What’s Better: Electric or Gas Furnace?

A smiling woman sitting on a couch with a blanket.

As a homeowner, you make many decisions every day. However, some days, you are tasked to make a significant decision that can impact your comfort — such as finding a new heating system for your home. If you’ve been searching through potential heating systems, you might have narrowed your options to an electric or gas […]

Winter Preparedness Checklist for Your Home

A man adjusting a thermostat in a home.

When winter rolls around, you want to be able to enjoy the falling snow, hot chocolate, and cozy nights without having to worry about your family’s safety and comfort. It’s important to prepare your home for the freezing weather ahead so that you don’t accidentally find yourself with a broken-down furnace or malfunctioning sump pump. […]

5 Most Common Furnace Problems & Repairs

There’s nothing better than enjoying a cozy and warm home during the frigid winter months. Your furnace works hard daily to provide you and your household with comfortable heat. However, when your furnace stops working correctly, you may be left with a cold home—and a ton of concerns. Before you start furnace troubleshooting, it’s essential […]

5 Reasons Why Furnace Maintenance Is Important

Autumn is just around the corner in Springfield, IL, and with it come chilly temperatures that will have you cranking up the heat in your home. This time of year can be hectic, with school starting back up and holidays just around the corner. Furnace maintenance probably isn’t a top priority…but it should be. Before […]