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Mike Williams Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning & Sewerstarstarstarhalf star3.9 / 5

53 Total Reviews Mike Williams Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning & Sewer

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Mike Williams Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning & Sewer

starstarstarhalf star 3.9 / 5 | 53 Total Reviews

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"Not one to leave reviews but as I’m getting older I can see why people complain. Had someone come over to see about fixing a leak under my sink and light the pilot in my water heater. Nothing major. Was charged $189 visiting fee and they “estimated” a bill of $645 to fix my small leak. I called someone else of course and the part itself was $5 and labor wasn’t even $20. This place is a joke. I can see this for commercial but I have a small house. That kind of pricing is absolutely ridiculous. "
A . J from Springfield, IL on February 26th, 2019
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"Terrible service! Scheduled appointment a week and a half in advance for furnace tune up. Took a day off work. Confirmed the appointment in the early morning and was assured I was on the schedule. Got a call at 3:00 stating nobody could come out. I am absolutely livid.AVOID THIS COMPANY!"
S . B from , IL on December 7th, 2018
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"Mike Williams is a predator business preying on the uninformed & unsuspecting. Always up-selling something you don’t need. Me - a new thermostat for $625.00. I had it replaced from a responsible business for $154.00. They’re the worst."
D . G from Springfield, IL on September 6th, 2018
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"I am very disappointed with Mike Williams,,our air conditioning that we Bought from them on Nov. ! st 2017 has quit working called their 24 hr service center and was told they would be sending someone out, 2 hrs later called again and was again told they would get someone out... My husband is 73 on O2 24/7 we have 4 dogs and right now it is 87 in the house and 91 out side.. Just recieved a call from Jennifer from their call center and was told they dont have anyone to send out today but could set up an appointment for tomorrow.. My husband got up set and she hung up on him... This is not what our contract states or their web sight... Where is their 24/7 service... "
M . D from Rantoul, IL on July 1st, 2018
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"Rating this a 0. Initially they were decent. At least they appeared to be. Service lately has been terrible. We scheduled a 6 month maintenance, We have been rescheduled 5 times. Come MW it only takes an hour or so to do the maintenance check. You kept telling us you had installations and repairs to do. You even scheduled us at the first part of the day to do it. What is the point of the service contract if you never show up to do the maintenance. Very frustrating when you have to take time off of work only to get a call later and say you can't make because ... There is always a different excuse. Hire someone if you are that busy. I can't recommend you anymore."
J . S from , IL on June 13th, 2018
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"Service rating a 0 because this company is way over priced. They used a flase sales gimmick to get an appointment at my house and did everything in their power to find something to charge me for. Mike Williams will never do another service call for me and I will relay that to everyone I have a chance to tell. "
P . K from Bloomington, IL on May 11th, 2018
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"My neighbor recommended you. Worst decision of my life. Completely overpriced and kept pushing me to get a new system. Called another smaller company and they were able to get me heating for a fraction of the cost."
D . P from Springfield , IL on May 7th, 2018
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"I would never use this service again. Talk you into joining the service agreement, pay each month, get NOTHING for it. Told I needed sensors and a major cleaning to the tune of 1200.00. I called out another company. No sensors needed, all operating jist fine. No cleaning needed, in fact furnace it great shape for its age. Don't buy into their great "deals"."
M . S from Bloomington , IL on March 12th, 2018
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"My furnace was running perfectly until one of their technicians came out for their annual check-up. Now I can't get it above 60 degrees in my house. Two weeks later, I got a coupon from Mike Williams in the mail for a new heating system. Coincidence?"
T . A from Springfield, IL on February 6th, 2018
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"I scheduled routine maintenance on our heating system. I rarely have a day off during the week so I scheduled an appointment for one particular day that I did have off. I waited around all day to find out that they were too busy to keep my appointment. So even though I had an appointment, they couldn't keep their end of the bargain and actually come out after I waited around at home all day for them to come. Very disappointed in this customer service!"
C . J from Mahomet, IL on November 22nd, 2017
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